Community Outreach

Outreach Programs
Christ Deliverance Ministry (CDM) is committed to serving the spreading the good Word and serving the greater St. Louis community. We have three community outreach events that happen annually, CDM Mind And Body, CDM Back To School, and The CDM Blanket Drive.

CDM Mind And Body

CDM Mind and Body is a health and wellness event held annually on Memorial Day weekend.  This event consists of a 5K run, fitness challenge, workshop and vendors.  Started from 15 women in our church who lost over 600 pounds collectively over the course of 12 to 18 months, Pastor Cynthia Ringo saw the vision and created an outreach to celebrate healthy accomplishments from everyday people.  Previous and current sponsors include Whole Foods, Bommarito Auto Group, and Depaul Hospital.

CDM Back To School
For over ten year, CDM has sponsored a Back To School event for the youth of St. Louis. We service over 500 youth and young adults annually with backpacks, school supplies, grooming, arts and crafts and self development workshops. This event takes place the 2nd weekend in August and a few of our previous and current sponsors are The Ronald McDonald House and Office Depot.

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CDM Blanket Drive
Each year, around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, we sponsor a blanket drive that allows us to minister by giving to those less fortunate. We give by donating blankets to those in need. It doesn’t matter what the circumstance.