October 16, 2015



Proverbs 27:17

Typically, when we speak about relationships, we tend to focus on the romantic aspect or the lighthearted friendships that cause for great memories, or even those “ride or die” people in our lives that have been there through thick and thin. All of these things are great. But, what if we added partnerships to the list? When chosen specifically and cautiously, a partner is a huge asset to creating the life you want.

The right partner is on the same page as you, wants the same things for you, and (in many cases) pushes you towards that goal more than you would by yourself. This is not a person that is all talk. This is a person that walks the walk on their own, and by doing so, inspires you to be your greater self. The good and the bad thing about partners is that everything tends to rub off on you. If they have good and productive habits, so will you. If they have destructive behavior and conversations…so will you.

In the United States, you can be charged as an accessory to a crime if you happen to be sitting in the vehicle that the person committing the crime had at the time. Think about how that scenario affects you in life if you trade out the word “vehicle” and replace it with the word “lifestyle”.

Stay blessed

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