January 18, 2016


Mark 9:23 and 24

“Think outside YOUR realm of possibility”…let that sink in for a few seconds. If your dreams are so outrageous and ridiculous…if people think that you are crazy whenever you mention or discuss the details…that’s probably a good sign. That’s a sign that you probably heard from God and that you are on the right path. It may feel “impossible” or “crazy”. But, you have to realize or remember that God is a big God. Your biggest thoughts or goals is only big and outrageous to you…at the current moment. You have never done it before. So, it seems outside the realm of your understanding. This is no different from the first time someone thought to try to fly a human in the air to another destination. It is so common now, it’s no different than walking across the street, catching the bus across town, or driving to a friends house.

However, before planes were invented…it sounded insane to even think of such a thing. Dream big…dream bold. It’s going to take some work, but all things are possible…if you believe. God gave us a mind and imagination to go beyond our past and to exceed our current circumstance. Don’t let your surroundings get you down and block your path. Create and go for your dreams. Have a blessed holiday (if you are in the States) as we celebrate a man that pushed for his biggest dream….Dr. Martin Luther King.

**Stay Blessed

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