Conscious Wordplay

November 16, 2015


Conscious Wordplay
Proverbs 18:21

Have you noticed that when you talk with some people, you somehow feel energized like you can conquer the world? Did you also notice that when you have a conversation with others, your whole life feels heavy? It all comes down to words. Words are extremely powerful. Words can strengthen or destroy. For the most part, we take words for granted. They slip out of our mouth without any forethought, preparation or caution.

If you have ever wondered why one person has a high self esteem and another one doesn’t, it’s because of the words they are used to hearing. A negative joke, a put down, or unsolicited criticism will undoubtedly lower a person’s self esteem dramatically. Positive reinforcement, solutions, and appreciation will dramatically increase one’s self esteem. This goes for outwardly conversations and inward conversations.

It seems popular these days to be self deprecating or to “not take oneself seriously”. Why would you not take your life seriously? Speak success into your life. Speak happiness and love into your situation. Don’t hang around someone who only speaks negatively. Use your words to be powerful, by using more powerful words. What you hear, you believe. So, believe for the best.

However, it starts with you. Make your words count. Think before you speak and may many blessings flow from your mouth. And, as always…stay blessed.

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