When all else fails, God doesn’t

November 9, 2015


Have you ever believed for something and it seemed like it wasn’t going to happen? Someone just shared a story about a baby that was crawling around in a nursery at a church and the baby girl accidentally got her fingers caught under a rocking chair that severed two of her fingers. The attendant notified the parents and the baby was taken to the hospital. The #1 plastic surgeon in the state just happened to be on duty at the hospital. After examination, he told the parents the child would never have a full set of fingers, and proceeded to throw the severed fingers away. The parents were devastated, but not dismayed. The doctor wrapped up the child’s fingers and hands and said to return in six weeks. The parents went home and consumed their lives with the Word and positive information. No tv…no magazines. No negative friends visiting. No news. They spent all their time going to hear messages of faith and hope. They fought their way for a miracle. They were believing for something that in the natural, looked impossible. Six weeks later, they returned and the doctor took the bandages off. The doctor jumped in amazement because the fingers grew back fully functional. Even at this day, her fingers are as normal as anyone else’s. That person is Terri Foy… minister and author, and that was a true story. The moral of the story is, you are either full of faith or full of fear. It can’t be both. So, no matter what is your breakthrough that you are believing for…miracles will happen, if you believe.

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