The Birth Of A Miracle

March 14, 2016

The Birth Of A Miracle (2)

The Birth Of A Miracle
James 1:12

Someone once said, “When you feel like giving up the most, that’s always an indication that your breakthrough is just about to happen.” Somehow, it feels like life can be it’s most challenging…right before a breakthrough of epic proportions. The key, is that you have to push through. When storms come, that’s when we feel at our weakest. That’s when doubt seems to settle in and all types of insecurities. This would be considered the growthprocess. But, what makes the difference of being defeated and being a conqueror, is that person who endures to the end. That “storm” is nothing but a challenge. You can either become bigger than your doubt, or your doubt will become bigger than you. Once you get past that stage…that’s when the miracles happen. If you know that, then a storm becomes nothing but a little rain. That hurdle, is nothing but a baby step. The other side is always there. It’s been promised, and it is true…if you believe. So, the next time you feel like life is a little tough, know that if you push through it, the miracle and the sunshine is on the other side. Troubles don’t last always.

**Stay Blessed

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