Procrastination (Keep it moving)

September 25, 2015


Proverbs 15:19
Procrastination (Keep it moving)

Someone once said, “The only way to change tomorrow, is to start today.” If you are starting to notice that yesterday looked like today, and last week looked like this week, and last year looked like this year…you’ve been caught up in the wave of procrastination.

It’s subtle, but destructive all the same. Procrastination is often hidden by excuses…”I’ll finish that report later”…”I’ll apply for the job next week”…”I’ll call him/her this weekend”…”I’ll workout tomorrow”…etc.. Opportunities come. But, they go just as fast. There is never a shortage of blessings, “but the laborers are few” (to quote a popular text). Well, today is a new day to receive the blessings that God has in store.

Today, we will “act”, as soon as we “ask”…and keep it moving. Write that paper, make that call, read that book, and hit that gym. Excuses are for the non-believers. “Act is the new black.”

Stay blessed.

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