Perfect Timing

January 11, 2016

Perfect Timing

Philippians 4:19

One thing is for sure…you can’t out give God. It’s the 11th of January and time is moving forward. We often start of a the new year full of hope, faith, and enthusiasm. Life can seem to somehow get in the way and cause a lot of that optimism of God’s promise to waver. But, you have to know in heart and your soul for sure…that, whatever you are going through right now, God is working behind the scenes and he is arranging things to work out in your favor…at the perfect time. It may not seem easy. But, know that…it will be worth it. Trust God. Surround yourself with faith building material and messages. Limit your negative associations and non-productive relationships. Speak to your vision and express gratitude as often as you can.

There are many things and many blessings to be grateful for…inside you and outside. Thank God as if it’s already done and sow seed for your future. Stick it out and stay the course, and it will be better than if you had worked it out in your timing. If you got knocked down…get back up. If you are feeling defeated or tired…keep pressing towards the mark. You don’t know when your season of harvest will reap, so you must keep sowing. The promise is good…in perfect time.

**Stay Blessed

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