No deposit, no return

October 16, 2015




No deposit, no return

John 12:24

Have you ever gone to the bank and tried to withdraw more money than you put in? This is what it seems like every time we ask God to bless us, and we haven’t done our part. We expect a harvest, yet we never plant. Everything in life starts with a seed. The seed is the works that you do.

If you do nothing but ask and pray, then you are doing no works…which means that you are planting no seeds. Some seeds don’t require a lot of labor…and some do. However, that is not for you to determine. Farmers don’t fret over each individual seed. They just plant the most they can, in the best conditions possible, knowing that a portion of the seeds will produce enough to yield a good crop.

This works for us as well, in our lives. Do what you can, as much as you can, and God will take care of the rest. The biggest trees comes from a small seed. The biggest mammals are born and conceived at a fraction of the size that it ends up being. No matter what area in your life you are seeking growth and prosperity, do what you can and there will be a breakthrough. But conversely…do nothing, and that is what you will always get…guaranteed.

**Stay blessed

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