Moving Forward

January 25, 2016

Moving Forward FB 1

Isaiah 43: 18-19

One of the main things that holds us back from moving forward and taking part in all that God has promised is…clutter. Clutter can and does come in many different ways…a cluttered desk, closest, room, bag, purse, life, etc…. Life tends to stay chaotic the more we try to hold on to everything in the past. If you truly want to move toward where you need to be…or where you want to be, we must clean up our life…physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Some things…and people are in our life for a reason, and a season. This does not mean that they are meant to be in your life forever. The longer we hold on, it’s like the longer we continue to look in our rear view mirror, while trying to drive forward. It’s ok to glance in the mirror to see what’s behind you or to see from where you came. However, to truly follow the vision that God gave you, you have to look forward and go. Old relationships and old things will clutter up your life. Some things and some people are harder to let go of. But, you can’t maintain or even save the old while attempting to embrace the new. The real ones will still love you, no matter what. Clean up your surroundings and your days. It will create a clear path of thoughts and blessings.

Pray…make a decision…and “…no turning back.”

**Stay Blessed

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