Life in the Present

September 25, 2015


Life In The Present

Isaiah 43 18-21

As time goes on, things happen in life that we aren’t always proud of. The interesting thing about this is that these unfortunate circumstances, lapse in judgments, and/or bad decisions tend to stick around in our mind for a long time…longer than they should. Most of the time, these thoughts or memories are there more often than we care to admit.

Left unchecked, these thoughts will keep you in fear or forever second guessing yourself. What you should know, is that being stuck in the past is the devils favorite way to keep you feeling less than, not good enough, or incapable. The best way to conquer this is to speak and act your way into a better situation. Some call it affirmations, and some use the phrase “claim it”.
Whatever you have to do…do it. Start today! The past is behind you (for a reason) and your future is gifted in your present day’s words and activities. MAKE EACH MOMENT COUNT!!
Be blessed.

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