Let It Go

November 30, 2015

Let It Go 3

Let It Go
Isaiah 43:18-19

Have you ever tried to drive your car while only looking in your rear view mirror? That would be a drive that you would never forget. As ridiculous as that sounds, this is something that we all have done at some point in our lives, and many of us are currently doing it. You can’t hang on to the past while embracing the future. It holds you back. It stunts your growth. This goes for things that were done to you, and things that you have done. We all know about forgiveness and not holding a grudge towards one another. But, how about letting our past circumstances control our present state of being. Perhaps we had a lapse in judgement and the guilt from that choice has us stagnated in our present situation and we feel that we can’t move forward. Sometimes, we may feel like we are not worthy to move forward. We may think that we don’t deserve God’s true blessings because of what happened yesterday.

We have to commit to the practice of letting it go. Our past choices have determined our present circumstances. But, our present choices will determine our future. However, you can’t create a better picture tomorrow in yesterday’s paintings. You have to start with a blank canvas and create from there. Letting go is one of the most powerful things that you can do. The more you hold on, the more it holds on to you and it will consume you until you let it go. Let the past be the past and today will be better…because your tomorrow will be great.

*Stay Blessed

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