September 25, 2015


I Kings 19:11-13


No matter where you live, the world can be a noisy place. Classes, traffic, co-workers, television, radio, laptop, cell phone, ipad, etc.. The list goes on and on. A lot of times, we can get confused or off track in our endeavors and tasks and it can become a bit overwhelming.

The easiest way to stay on focus is to quiet the noise. This, is also the hardest thing to do. Taking 10 minutes out of an already busy day can seem daunting, but we have to do it. Great ideas, clarity, or even answers rarely come from a loud source.
However, we tend to look for or follow the loudest person in our circle of life. We tend to gravitate towards the person with the biggest voice, the flashiest lifestyle, the most followers or friends, or the biggest advertising budget. Challenge yourself to avoid your natural human tendency…just unplug and listen. In that quiet space, will be the answer you were looking for.
Stay blessed.

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