Give Yourself Happy

November 2, 2015


The most amazing thing happens when you give freely, you end up receiving more than you have out.  It’s like sowing seeds. The more you sow, the more you reap. If you only plant a handful, don’t expect a full crop.

However, if you use the whole bag…you might need more space than you thought. So, if you want more love, give it more freely.  If you want more business, give more solutions. If you want more trust, trust more. It’s one of the oldest and simplest law principles that we have.

Yet, we overlook it because of it’s simplicity. The best thing about all this giving, is that it’s mostly free. It costs you nothing to smile or say hello. It costs you nothing to refer business to someone else.  It costs you nothing to call someone you love just to randomly say hi. Try it. Give yourself happy.


-Stay blessed

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