October 16, 2015


Proverbs 4:25

Have you ever planned to stop by the store on your way home from work, but ended up going straight home without thinking about it? I think we all have done this to some degree. We miss that turn thinking that we are going to one destination even though we wanted to go somewhere else. We will then wonder how did we get off track and miss the exit. It’s because we were distracted. It’s not always because we were on our phone or texting.

A lot of times that last conversation we had before we left work will throw us off, and we will become fixated on something new. There is a lot going on in life today, but make the practice of limiting your distractions. Don’t just do things out of non-purposeful habits. Write down your plans. Wait before you check those emails. Plan out your day. If something comes up that doesn’t adhere to your day’s plans, ignore it until later. Distractions will always be there. But, you don’t always have to pay attention to them.

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