Being Grateful

October 16, 2015



Being Grateful

Psalm 100: 4 and 5

Have you ever given someone a present, or have done them a huge favor, and they never say thank you? We all know that it is better to give than to receive, and I am sure that we all practice that. However…it doesn’t make you that enthusiastic about offering something to that person in the future, no matter how insignificant or life changing it may be. One of the greatest gifts you can be given is the gift of life.

If you are alive and can function in any capacity, you have an opportunity to better your situation. As much as we know about our bodies and health and the planet and everything in it…we know very little, because things in their most natural and un-adjusted state, work perfectly without our help.

The fact that we can abuse our health and the planet, yet…we keep on going and functioning, is phenomenal in it’s self. Yet, a lot of us never take a few minutes out of the day to tell God thanks for another day. Just to be here is a blessing…wherever that may be. Take a moment to be genuinely grateful. Think about it…if we get bent out of shape because a friend didn’t say thank you for a birthday gift, what should we expect to happen after not expressing gratitude for our “birth-day” gift?

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